Gothic Arch – Transition


Img_9292_resize We are in a glorious transition between Summer & Autumn – although the days are shortening, & day light savings has ended, we are having some wonderful sunny days. The sunset this evening was simply spectacular, this is the view off our front verandah……it lit the sky on fire…..I never tire of the beauty found in the colours in the sky.  Moving on from there though, I have decided I CAN be a bit obsessive!  Last week rubber, the week before catching up on skinny book (which I haven’t touched since) and THIS week, it is gothic arches.  I just didn’t realize that I had missed these little beauties!!  I am SUPPOSED to be creating something else, but I am TOTALLY stuck with it, so I am arching away – catching up on all of the topics that I have missed between a trip to NZ & a torn ligament in my knee!  OH how I HATE being so debilitated, EVERYTHING is an issue & it is 14 steps up to our front door, so especially going out of the house is an issue!  Transition_web This topic was called ‘Transitions’ & I think that many of the  artists were concerntrating on the turning of the seasons we are currently experiencing.  That is fascinating me as well, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons because of all of the stunning colours everywhere you look.  I have already done an Autumn arch last year, so I wanted to do something different.  I have created art around the transition a car makes from a new shiny ‘city slicker’ to a rusty old wreck in a bush paddock.  (AND what a discovery they are for those interested in photography when you come across one – MORE about that later!)  I painted the arches with black gesso, then on the front, made stripes of oil pastel that I blended together.  Then with a stylus, I scraped a city silhouette in to the soft pastel.  The car is one of my favs…….the new beefy looking Chrysler………….I have ‘doctored’ the pic on the back using Golden paints to accentuate the rust & ‘forlorn’ look of the scene.

I am not sure where in the world you are viewing this from, so I just wanted to explain a ‘paddock’….a paddock is a vacant block of land that is relatively unworked,  these are some of the things I have found in paddocks on my travels.  All of these shots were taken in Australia.


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