By the Sea


It is SUCH a long time since I did a Gothic Arch, & I am ashamed to say, there are nine topics that I By_the_sea_web have missed between other art assignments, a trip to NZ & a torn ligament in my knee….As I am hosting next week, I really wanted to get back & create a couple of arches before I put my challenge forward… is a lovely topic & I know that people will enjoy it……….This weeks topic is SO easy for me, because I love creating water scenes………The boat is from a brochure & is not my work, I did all the colour & blending (much harder than the boat…..LOL!!) OH and……THIS is a very little sneak peak of my new collage sheet called FISHTALES that will be available through Alpha Stamps.. This arch is so sparkling & twinkly on the back with a liberal coat of moonglow in several shades to create a sparkling sea.  The quote reads ‘the fisherman know that the sea is dangerous & the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.’

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