In the Kitchen


Well, it’s been a weekend in the kitchen………nothing like impending visitors to motivate hubby to do some stuff around the house……which is a lovely thing, ‘cos when you do it for everyone else all week, you just don’t want to come home & do it……it’s a theory I TOTALLY understand, but it doesn’t make it easier to live with!!!!…..SOOOOO…….this weekend he has tiled my kitchen & fitted my new cooktop……….YAY…….I celebrated – cooking up a storm!!!  Of dyed ribbon of course………????? (did you think I meant FOOD?????   No, I needed the ribbon more!   LOL!!!)   Img_9163_resize Img_9164_resizeImg_9169_resizeImg_9167

As I have been a bit incapacitated lately, many of my 365 pics this month have been taken around home, but yesterday after work I came across a ‘Men in Img_9020_resize_2 Img_9001_resizeBlack’ 

& then had the opportunity to visit a friends garden & was thrilled with what I came across………… 



Img_9161_resizeImg_9142_resizeImg_9034_resize Img_9151_resize


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