Busy Month




You will find some of my recent work in two of the recent Stampington Magazines……Somerset Studio is featuring my little assemblage – My House Is The One With the Nest on the Door.  Every piece on this assemblage is a part of 2007.  The weatherboards the piece is made on are from our home extension.  The crystal hanging from the bottom & the ‘flower’ at the top are from old light fittings from a renovation that we have been working on all year (this is my day job!) & the handles I found under the floor boards at another house we were renovating.  The gorgeous little girl, trying to find her house – the ‘One with the Nest on the Door’ is a Paper Whimsy image.  Unfortunatly the colour looks quite luminous where as it is actually quite soft duck egg blue.  I totally understand this, the printing process can be a bit hit & miss with colour, having had some experience with this in my work history.

The New Somerset Life (that has a gorgeous Raspberry coloured cover) is featuring some of my chandelier pieces.  On cards, & on wedding bits from our son’s wedding. (that is him & his (now) wife on the day they were engaged……I took the pic in our garden & used it for their wedding things) What a lovely inspirational magazine this is – I hadn’t seen it before in Oz………lots of eye candy – just what a visual person like me LOVES!Somlife_chandeliers_april_08_p64_weSomlife_chandeliers_april_08_p66web


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  1. Congratulations on being published in Somerset!!! The art you submitted is beautiful. Especially love the chandelier pieces (reminds me of Pollyanna and the beautiful chrystals). Isnt Somerset a wonderful publication?

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