Natural Beauty


Img_8871_resize   Img_8854_resizeNatural_beauty_webUURRRGH…I AM SO OVER PLAYING WITH THIS FORMAT……..I am sorry these pics are all over the show!  This is my latest creation, called ‘Natural Beauty’.  It has natural stones, dragon flies, bees, glass beads & a little leaf pool. I have intentionally mixed the colours of the metal because I wanted to make it more ecclectic looking than perfectly matched.  It is very long….it hangs 25" long & the main section is about 5" long.  It is made from bits from old jewellery & from Alpha Stamps…the stones are real, I thought that they were a form of jade, but I have looked it up in my book & it doesn’t look like that.  It has definite black, peach & green & is quite veined.  The other thought I had was that it might be a quartz – I don’t know really, I just liked the colour & the shape!


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