A change in direction


I have been somewhat incapacitated this week, Abundant_life_webnot that you would have known, but I have torn something in my knee that has really done me in.  The main challenge is that I have not been able to sit upright for half of the week, & this has been driving me silly.  The art for my Skinny book postings from this week were all done over easter, so I actually haven’t been in my studio all week.  Yesterday I ventured out for the first time, but was not too well & had to abort that adventure, but I was well enough to sit up for a while & do some beading.  I have these fabulous new ‘frames’ which Alpha Stamps will be stocking that are from Nunn Designs.  I adore them, they just have so many great applications.   Blue’s not a colour that usually works out too well for me, but I like it with silver, & this little pic from Alpha Stamps was really inspiring.  I haven’t done any jewellery since I made all of those charms for the Gothic Arch Swap about August last year.  It was fun to swap glue brush for pliers for a bit of a change…… I think I haven’t satisfied this urge though, I think there will be a couple more pieces with these frames still to come.


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  1. This is so gorgeous, love the necklace. This is just right up my alley of things I love to do. I would like to add you to my blog Roll if that is OK.
    Your Newest Member at Paper Traders. 🙂

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