Just You Wait


Even people unfamiliar with the whole story of My Fair Lady often recognise these lines from the Just_you_wait_webfilm…..JUST YOU WAIT!  The challenge for the letter J was to use transparency in some way.  So what I did was printed out the image from the film scene onto acetate, then cut it up roughly & ‘burnt’ away the edges with my soldering iron.  Once I was happy with the size & shape, leaning on some cardboard, I VERY quickly wrote onto the film with the soldering iron.  If you hesitate even for a second it burns a hole in it so you have to be very quick doing this, but it is a really effective result. On of the lines Eliza says is ‘one day I’ll be famous, I’ll be proper & prim, go to St. James so often, I shall call it St. Jim’s……..this is the tie in for the ‘domed’ building stamp from Green Pepper Press being included on the page.  The letters have all been cut out with a cricut machine.  Here’s the clip if you’d like to see it!


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  1. These are great, Keron! Love your use of the soldering iron. Hope your knee is feeling better, it sure hasn’t effected your beautiful art work.
    Cheers, Teri

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