B for Ball


B_for_ball_webThe challenge for the letter B was to integrate some vintage lace. I had an old discoloured doily & so I cut away it’s outer edge.    I stitched up at each scallop to create the festooned’ curtains from this piece.  While I was away in New Zealand I read a book by my fav. ficton author Phillipa Gregory called Meridion.  It’s the last in the Wideacre trilogy & tells the story of a gypsy girl who is bought up in abject poverty & is party to all manner of thievery & goings on, however she has a strong sense that she is in the wrong place & dreams of a place she only knows as ‘wide’.  It turns out that she was a baby of titled aristocracy that was given to the gypsies to look after as her life was threatened.  Through various circumstances all of this is revealled when she is about 17 & she comes into her inheritance.  Her circumstances do a complete 180 degree turn from where they were her whole life.  After several years of trying to adapt to being ‘Quality’ she comes to the conclusion that infact, there was no difference between the rich & the poor, they both had their rules & thing that were & weren’t acceptable, but that the rich rode on the back of the poor………..a long story, just to say, this was my inspiration for the LHS of this page.  Henry Higgins’ total disregard for Eliza as a person is predominant through the whole story.  She is just subject matter for his experiment……at one point he calls her a ‘withered cabbage’  It is of course all tongue in cheek, however, it has the undertones that this is obviously what would have occured between the social ranks.


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