A is for Ascot


A_is_for_ascot_webFinally I have been able to drag out my Skinny Alphabet Book again without going into a panic attack.  I have feared that the very sight of it will re-ignite the museless, creative slump that I experienced in December/January.  But not so, I am literally ‘back on the horse’ & have created several pages & are just about caught up with the other players.   (I am hosting this book at Paper Traders) I managed (some time ago) to gather these vintage horse racing ephemera, & added various other bits’n’bobs from my fav. Op. Shop. (I love a good fossick!)  The challenge was to incorporate stripes, which is kind of an extrapolation of the whole ‘flash’ sensation of the horses racing by you in the stands.  This is of course, is Ascot, where Eliza makes her most famous gauff – ‘Comm’on Dover, moove your bloomin’ arse!!’ 

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    Your work is just amazing, enjoy it so much.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Audrey Hepburn in person and she gave me her autograph.
    I really love the theme of the my fair lady, so well done the artwork.
    You are marvelous, thank you for sharing with us.
    Hugs, Laura Haviland.
    Feel better soon.

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