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Here is my little 4" x 4" deco, finally together.  The top picture is the little book with the covers folded out.I have made the covers from a nice book cover that I liked.  They come apart quite easily & paint up nicely.  I am not sure whether it really IS linen that they are covered with, but it has that kind of look about it & it’s quite textured when you work into it.  The Zutter Bind-it-all is FABULOUS.  So easy to use the punching function & not difficult to put together at all.  I love that the pages turn easily & that you have a spine to tie little added bits’n’ pieces to.  It is even possible to punch through thick card & CD’s.  I think that we are going to become good friends!  Painting at home is continuing & I have blown the cob webs off my Skinny Book & have a couple of pages in process… I will post them soon.  It is really tricky when you are the host of a  project & you loose the momentum.  I am back on the horse now, with 3 of my 5 pages caught up & a clear direction forward for the others.


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