Easter Seabird


Art_in_chocolate_resizeHAPPY EASTER everyone. Thanks for your encouragement for my artworks, I hope that you have a blessed, happy & safe easter that is complete with some good for you, some good for someone unexpected & some reflection on the reason for the season!  Aren’t these handmade eggs just divine???  We have a chocolate artist in the shop around the corner from my office & his work is pure art – oh, and tastes like heaven as well!!

This is the back cover of my ‘Bird Life’ 4 x 4 deco.  I have created it with texture paste, liquid nails, Sea_bird_webfabric, paint & oil crayons, kinda smooshed & worked with a wooden sculpting tool.  (OF COURSE) I added Moon Glow at the end to give the sea & waves a shimmer & glistening look – I used a colour called Buccaneer Bay Blue – how could I resist????  All of my bits are dry & ready now, I have covered the backs of all of my pages & done the front cover.  The front is a little plain & is not scanning all that well, I am hoping it might come up better in a photo in the daylight.  I am going to put it all together later tonight, & create my first ‘Zutter’ bound deco.  VERY cool!  More house painting today (drats – I wanted to pay someone to paint it for us this time!); sash windows are SUCH a painstaking job to paint!  ONE down, 4 to go!

         You may notice that I have added an Amazon link for some of my fav. art books.  I have taken the time to write reviews for all of them (I have listed 10 at the moment) I often get asked for recommendations for artists to learn more & to stretch themselves….. here’s how you can do it….read, play, learn, play, practise, play!!!  It was prompted by a book that I am reading at the moment called ‘The Art of Personal Imagery’ by Corey Moortgat……… SERIOUSLY…… we could have been artists separated at birth!!! LOL!!!  Apart from the fact that I DON’T use personal photos in my art, (although she is convincing me into the merit of this) I LOVE how she integrates the everyday & the VERY SPECIAL occasions into quite eclectic looking collages that are beautiful & look like a tea party!  This is a book that you can keep reading or pick up & put down……you can curl up with a cuppa in a chair with it for an hour, or flick through a couple of pages while you are on hold waiting for the phone company (or any other one of the thousands of automated answering services that corporations have these days!)   


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  1. Keron-
    I love those eggs. They remind me of the tiles on that silly bathroom you happened to visit when in NZ. Funny correlation huh? Love your art! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

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