Autumn Birds


Autumn_birds_web I have been painting at home today – windows I mean – not art!  It felt good to have paint on my hands, I love the tactile sensation of it – DH is off to the car races with a friend tonight so I have had a lovely time with paint & wax & little birds.  I am finishing the last bits ‘n’ pieces for my 4" x 4" bird deco so that I can test drive my FABULOUS Zutter bind-it-all I got from Alpha Stamps at Christmas.  I can’t wait to try it out.  Though I have several projects that I will use it for (Skinny Alphabet Book, ?Gothic Arches, my other little bird deco – A Bird in the Hand) none are ready yet to bind…… I’ll get back to you when this is finished as to how it goes.  The results that I have seen look really good, it’s just a case of working it out.  The LHS pic is the inside cover – I found this great quote by Oscar Wilde – ‘Delicious Autumn, my very soul is wedded it it.  If I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking successive Autumns’…..& of course we’re just getting glimpses of the spectacular hues of autumn leaves & it has been inspiring me all week to create something with an autumn theme.  After I had done this on the inside of the cover, I didn’t have a page that i felt complemented it, so I just HAD to create another page……..(LOL)……as usual, you don’t get much idea what this is like in real life, I have used metallic waxes, moonglow oil pastels & wax crayons though it is not dimensional, it is quite layered & has considerable depth to it.  I ended up doing a couple of others as well, but they aren’t ready yet & I have started working on the outside of the covers, but they aren’t finished either………that will have to be for the next post! ……Happy, safe & blessed Easter to all………


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  1. Keron, I can image they will be more beautiful in real, they are stunning already, and I love the quote, I could live in autumn all the time too, just love the colours.

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