The Last Houses for Now


Houses_5_web_2 Firstly an apology……I am sorry if this is taking an UNUSUALLY long time for you to download – as I continued to reduce these little houses to fit them to my typical 100kb file size, they just lost all definition & you couldn’t make out much of the detail……..but I am glad to report…. finally, there is some relief from the heat!  The temperature has dropped to a more comfortable level today & it is bearable to be infront of my ‘heat emitting’ computer!  (oh, and it is content to work in the cooler weather!)

This is the last batch of my houses.  I may come back to them at a later stage, however, for now, I need to move on to some other projects that are calling……..The first house on this street, is not REALLY a house – it’s No. two & a half!  It’s a lean to that’s been turned into a chook house (3″) in honour of my dear art buddy Jenene who loves chooks & supplies my DH [who believes God created chickens JUST so he could have eggs!] with some of her special free range eggs that are amazingly delicious!)  The twin houses next door (4″) belong to the Laxton sisters……like the rest of their family, they have remained in the horticulture business & the girls are hoping that there will be some benefits from their brothers’ service to the Royal household.  (I did these two pieces when we visited the Community Gardens) Their neighbour is the Mad Hatter (3″)  who is COMPLETELY foolish & unreasonable & totally refuses to have an EVEN number for his house, despite being on that side of the street.  Further on is the Hunderwesser house.  (3″) This is TOTAL fantasy, but SO fun..apart from it’s organic shape & onion dome on the top I have added wings to it – I KNOW – every one is over wings, but I wanted to add something totally whimsical & nonsensical……which is how some of this style of art seems to me.  ….then the houses of Light & Shadow (3″) ….not all of our days travelling were good days & the house of light & shadows was a depiction of that………the last home on the street is that of the Queen of Hearts (5″) , who malevelantly poisons people who get in the way of her plans!

Post script:  I have had a comment from a special new art friend Peggy Louise that you don’t get any indication of scale from my scans, so I am going back over these posts to enter it in.  I have entered the size in brackets after each house.


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