Hot House!


It is HOT, HOT, HOT here today in Melbourne……our front rooms (which face west) were 48 degreesHouses_4_web C (118 degrees F) when I got home…………OMG it is hot.  YES WE DO have airconditioning……but even it is struggling in this heat & we have resorted to fans with wet cloths over them….My poor garden, once a lush mountain garden filled with old style plants, shrubs & trees is not well at all……in fact, it has a rusty, distressed look about it…..& sadly, the only thing that prospers is the weeds.  It defies logic that they grow so well despite the drought we are experiencing……& so many plants die………..when you see my 365 pics for this month, you will see that I have taken skeletal flowers & leaves today…….that were once flowers & plants.  This is my 2nd last lot of houses……….It’s the winter house that is home to the queen’s sister (4″), the palace itself (5″) & the home of the Royal Gardeners….The Laxton Brothers  (4″) (who, by the way, still have ‘Bedford’ in their advertising to infer some heritage or claim to patents of nobility. Bedford was where most gardeners of nobility came from, however it was known by several reliable sources that the Laxtons came from Jarly.  It is ambitious to describe their time at Bedford as brief, if one was being kind.  They said they kept the cottage next door (3 1/2″) as a holiday home for when distant relatives came to stay, however the real reason was they planned to build a grand house as their name became known as the Queen’s gardeners.

Post script:  I have had a comment from a special new art friend Peggy Louise that you don’t get any indication of scale from my scans, so I am going back over these posts to enter it in.  I have entered the size in brackets after each house.


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