Around the Corner


Around the Corner

Houses_1_web If you pop your head around the corner when you reach the end of the last street…….here’s what you’ll see.  Rose Cottage (4″)-  is the home of Emma Trot.  Her’s is a big house, one of the largest in the village, but she lives alone….& pines for a love affair of long ago,….No 7 is Red Robin’s Bird House (3″), the next house belongs to a gyspy (2″) , but no one know’s when he’ll be back from his travels…..some say it is 24 months, others 44 months, but I know it was 26 months since he left & I believe he was heading to one of the Poles…….but I am not sure which one………his neighbours (2″) don’t mind, they share a garden & now that Pierre has proposed, Evelyn will be glad of the extra space for fruit trees & a goat.  On the other side is the new church building,(4″) then the dressmaker (3″), Mrs Wadsworth’s work room & home.

It has been such fun creating these special little houses & dreaming up who their resident’s might be……….I think it is an extension of playing with paper dolls……I used to love doing that as a kid!

Post script:  I have had a comment from a special new art friend Peggy Louise that you don’t get any indication of scale from my scans, so I am going back over these posts to enter it in.  I have entered the size in brackets after each house.


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