The Next Street


Houses_3_web After you turn the corner from the Dairy, you will run into the House of Mirth (5″)…….made when I first arrived at Nelson in the South Island.  The image is from a card of a print by local artist Chris Barkway.  Her work is whimsical & fantasy like, with a fabulous use of colour – without the ‘creepy’ mystical look…..the trim is vintage from my VERY fav. find……Libby at ‘Trees’ in Wellington……….The next house is A House of Encouragement (1 1/2″) House of Wisdom.(4″)………just came on a day of reading……….School House (3 1/2″) was inspired by this tiny little one roomed school we encountered in the far North Island of NZ……….Then we have Fish House (2″) & The House of Music(4″)……..for no particular reason except for the water & birds I was experiencing on our travels.  Thanks for the kind comments from everyone – I have really loved making these!

Post script:  I have had a comment from a special new art friend Peggy Louise that you don’t get any indication of scale from my scans, so I am going back over these posts to enter it in.  I have entered the size in brackets after each house.


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