Home Sweet House


Houses_2_web OH there is NOTHING as nice as your own bed – YUM – it’s fabulous!!!  It is lovely to be home…….amongst my art things, enjoying the familiarity of home & our precious babies that have made huge developmental leaps just in a couple of weeks – how I have missed them! Here at last is some new art – some of the ‘houses’ that I made while we were away…..the first is The Time Keeper’s House; (made using the gorgeous new letter split pins from Alpha Stamps…. then there’s The Movie House; then A House of Cards; then the Dairy.  In Oz we know a Dairy as a place where milk is taken to be processed, however in NZ, a diary is a kind of mix between a convenience store & a bakery – guarenteed to tempt you with something nice & fresh to eat at a reasonable price.  I have spent ages tonight scanning & adding backs & finishing details to my little collection of houses, so this is just the first of them…………I had such fun making them while I was away…I took my ‘desk top box’ with me, which is a box I have that has off cuts & remenant bits’n’pieces from old projects in it, that I have cleared from my work table, so there are all kinds of odds & sods in it.  As we were travelling around, I would be inspired by something or other & this would be the spring boards for that evening’s creation where possible.  I look forward to sharing with you some more of my houses soon.  Keep an eye out!

post script:  I have had a comment from a special new art friend Peggy Louise that you don’t get any indication of scale from my scans, so I am going back over these posts to enter it in.  All of these houses are made cut out by me, except the Alice one.  The Timekeeper & movie theatre are about 3″ tall – Alice’s house is about 4″ and the dairy inbetween.


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