Again, thanks for the warm wishes & your lovely comments & emails regarding my traveller’s tales. I have had some good opportunities to be arting over the last week, & I have created a whole village of little houses using Collections chipboard houses & some that I have made myself.Hearts_resize  This will probably be my last post from NZ, as we travel home in a couple of days. The predominant motif that I have noticed are hearts, showing up in all forms in artwork, & the colour that seems to be quite current is a strong cherry red. That’s not to say that it’s everywhere you look, but it is a lot more prevalent than we would typically see it in Australia, whereas the last time I was here (2000) I would say that the water blues & greens were most prevalent. I expected this seeing as you never have to drive much more than half an hour in any direction to be at either river or sea & the boat is the most common accessory.

It has been a good trip, not without it’s challenges, but over all good. We have indulged in a single Swimmerduskiesjumping treat for ourselves while we were here & it has co-incidentally turned out that we could only get a booking for our last day here. So, tomorrow, in the ‘wee hours’ of the morning (5.30am); we are going to swim with the dolphins off Kaikoura beach. (THIS IS NOT MY OWN PIC – it is from the website – looks great fun) We are both really excited about it – apparently it is one of the few places in the world that you can do it & it should be an adventure to remember! Then in the afternoon, we will drive down to Christchurch, & we fly out early the next morning.

Img_6877_resizeOne of the passions my DH & I share is a love of hot cars & we have seen lots of them here in NZ & encountered several ‘street meets’ where people with hot cars gather together in the one place & you can look over their cars. We have both loved this & that’s how we spent our last night at Wellington’s Oriental Bay precinct.

We have stopped the ceaseless wandering that we did in the North Island (mostly precipitated by limited accomodation options) and travelled by the Inter lslander Sea Ferry to the South Island. Img_7120_resize It was a really rough sea trip, but both DH & I love the sea & revelled in the trechory of it, as huge 4 – 6 metre waves crashed repeatedly against the boat & people were turning green & calling for ‘…raaaal -phhh’all around us.Img_7102_resize_2

We have been settled in the seaside arts precinct at the top of the South Island. We have found the best accommodation we have stayed in at the back of a pub. It’s cheap, because of the proximity of the ‘rowdy’ night time crowd – but it’s fabulous! It’s beautifully presented, has a great king sized bed & little kitchenette. It’s MOST fabulous feature (not counting the tressle that Img_7533_resizethe landlord bought in especially for me to set up a little studio!) is that it has huge bi-fold windows that open out to a little stream literally only feet away! Our dawn & dusk companions are these little fellows……….& it is such fun to feed them & watch their antics.

Having wanted to make a home out of recycled materials for ever I am continually amazed as I see time after time, these ingenious people creating fabulous things out of very ordinary everyday waste. I discovered a Img_7307_resizestationary range Img_7305_resizecalled ‘I could have been Landfill’ which has note books, paper, storage boxes etc all made from recycled PET & paper. We visited a gallery in Nelson called Re finery which had an Aztec looking façade made from old car hub caps & steel from cars (that’s what they used to make cars from, for you younger readers!)
  I especially loved the door handle made from an old wrench, but the light fittings were also a treat. This one is made from an Img_7310_resizeold food mixer, another was made from an old domestic fan with the steel blades folded down into what looked like a ballet skirt (the pic didn’t turn out of this one)


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