Sheets of Egyptian Cotton


Cotton_sheets_webI think the text on the page says it all – DEFINITELY an ephemeral moment – pulling back the covers to get into a bed covered with luscious, new, crisp white cotton

sheets…..YUM!  Only 2 more sleeps till we are off to the Land of the Kiwi….. where I will be experiencing all kinds of sheets & beds – always a concern for travellers – an uncomfortable bed.  It is only when you are travelling 5 star all the way that you can be pretty confident that your bed will be ok and your sheets will be fresh.  At home we have a fabulous bed & lovely sheets – an indulgence to help with my sleep problems & I always miss it when we go away.  My tradition, last thing before we go away anywhere is to change our bed & put fresh sheets on it to come home.  The first night back at home with fresh sheets is something we fantasize about when we are on our way home!

Day_award_2 I have been blessed with the same award several times this week, which is both an honour & a priviledge.  I never quite know what to say –  I am glad that you appreciate my art, however it is somewhat self serving in that I do it as much for my own health & wellbeing as any of the lovely responses from you guys.  (Obviously, your kind words are appreciated though)  I now need to nominate 10 other people who make my day – an easy task to be sure – there are SUCH fabulous artists & artwork around in blogland it is more difficult to restrict it to 10.  These people would be all of my special friends listed in my side bar – I can’t pick & choose between them, they all are skillful artists with special talents.  Debbi does lovely compositions; Anne, Kelly Rae & Gaby all have a fabulous sense of colour & drama; Jo’s beautiful work always has an element of sparkle & mischief about it, I ALWAYS learn something deep & meaningful from Kelsey & her art using quotes……..Cynthia’s artwork amazes me – seconded only by Abby & Jenene (who don’t have blogs right now) –  I am happy & contented in the knowledge that in a busy throw away world the ethos of art for art sake flourishes & is alive & well. 

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about high-quality cotton sheets. Recently after having sheets of different colors for many years, I returned to white, and I love them. So fresh and clean looking!

  2. Well enjoy your trip to the land of the Kiwi’s may you be blessed with clean, fresh sheets whilst there lol
    This piece is so true and I too can relate to it – the smell, the feel – aah clean fresh sheets!!!!

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