Project 365


Sometimes I am the LAST person to actually find out about something………..& it seems that it took til about DAY 45 in the year until I found out about this cool project that is/has been going on.  PROJECT 365 is basically taking a photo every single day, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just a record……….being a visual person with a camera practically fused to her right hand I jumped at the idea of this as soon as I heard about it.  I already had a ‘journal idea’ floating in my head around the topic of feathers, so I am not sure what direction I would like to head with this………..we are about to go O/S to New Zealand in a couple of days, when it is likely internet access will be limited………..then in only 52 sleeps Abby & I head off to France & Italy…………..which will be another 4 – 5 weeks with limited internet……..I think that I need to make it a more managable project for me………..anyways, I am thinking about it!

People are primarily keeping it as a Picture Trail, but to be honest between art, & scanning & blogging & groups, I am not sure that I want to start another thing that needs to be maintained.  So I am taking my pics, & haven’t decided how I am going to deal with it yet……..I may just add it to my blog, but a ‘novel’ idea I had was to print it or make it as a ‘digital document’ to give my kids for christmas………does anyone have any other ideas or thoughts that are not too arduous to maintain?


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