Buttons from Jo


Birds_egg_buttons_web I REALLY am TRYING to put the birds aside & get on with some other obligations before we head off for New Zealand in 6 days.  This would include my SEVERELY neglected Skinny Alphabet Book, preparation for our France/Italy trip (in 55 sleeps) or working at some sewing that I have in progress.  So the night before last I packed up all my birdie bits, ready to bring out again in a month or so, but DANG……….the very gorgeous Jo Wholohan sent me down this divine little package that included a card of ‘birds egg buttons’ in mother of pearl & some other treasures……..& I am back on the birds!……. as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be turned into another page in my ‘Bird in the Hand’ book, so out it all comes again & obsessively On_the_1st_day_web_2– AGAIN – I am making birds.  This page is a little longer & will stick out in my book (but still within the covers) I just didn’t want to trim any more of it away – the buttons are from ‘Wing & Feather Studio’ – what a divine name!  As the buttons were on the left of the card, it had to (unfortunately) be the back of a page to clear the binding, however when it opens out into a double spread page, I know it is going to look really special.  You don’t see it very well in the scan, but the pear sitting behind the partridge is gold leafed, which looks lovely in real life……….thank you sweet Jo for the inspiration!


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  1. I saw your birds over at cps and I had to see more! I love the empty nester. The bottle for your DH is just beautiful! And I have previously perused your Alice ATC’s. You have a lovely blog and I always enjoy my visit even if I don’t leave a comment. Thanks. Trish G.

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