A Lovely Day


Img_5710_resizeI understand why red roses have traditionally symbolized love -though the flower is beautiful, it is fragile, & the thorns that surround the beauty ever threaten your enjoyment of it……..my DH bought me home 6 bunches of red roses in appreciation of my Message in a Bottle of Valentine’s Wishes Img_5720_resizefor him & I have spent SOME time this evening putting them in vases (after I used them as props for my photos of course!)  Our 28 years of love have sometimes been a rocky path & it is nice to think that despite that, we can still find things to be thankful & appreciative of in each other.  We are not by any means the perfect couple – however our love has found a comfortableness like your favourite slippers that feels nice when we are not both so filled with work (we work together) & we take time to appreciate each other.  All of the imagery for these pieces is from Alpha Stamps.

Img_5663_resizeImg_5695_resize Img_5713_resizeImg_5677_resize


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