Gothic Arch – Purple



This week’s Gothic Arch Challenge is to use Purple – which is Nancy James Maxwell’s fav. colour, in celbration of her birthday (Happy Birthday Nancy) Purple reminds me of some very special people in my life like Ally (hi all the way over to Ireland & Happy Birthday to Christy) & my very talented art friend Nadine (Ms Purple, herself!!!).  While purple has some strong connections for me, it’s not a colour I usually do too well with, artwise…..I often find myself stuck in a ‘cool colour’ mess that I can’t seem to fix without aging it all & turning it warm again!!!   In fact, after some recent ‘cool colour’ faux pah I am thinking of renaming myself the ‘Warm Colourguru’ OR ‘GREENgirl’……or something….’cos while I understand the colour spectrum well, I often struggle making something pleasing out of one whole half of it……so I is hardly representative.   In thinking about this, I tried to find a connection to purple somewhere in my life & I remembered the fabulous Lavender fields that we had seen in Tasmania & what an intoxicating site that was.  We regularly have lavender oil in our bedroom to enhance our sleep & it was from this connection that I could move forward with a ‘purple’ arch.  I have painted a ‘smooshed’ acrylic & oil pastel background then used Faber Castell Pitt marker to pen in a lavender plant that the GORGEOUS ABBY drew for me.  I used Caran D’Arche Neocolour II crayons & my Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils to colour the plant.  I have also used some of the delicious Lumier Halo Violet-Gold to give the flowers a bit of prominence.  I don’t know how many of you, where ever you reside in the world have had the chance to visit a lavender farm.  It’s an experience I would highly recommend – the visual splendor of acres of purple is a feast for the eyes.  It’s amazingLavender_w_beeLavender_splendor.


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