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The_early_bird_webSpecimen_no_17_webThis is another page for my little ‘A Bird in the Hand’ book – it was made out of a vintage manilla tag from some fencing wire.  It seems to me from the text on it that it came from America,  I don’t know, however whether this is a lovely treasure that some one has passed on to me, or it is something I collected on my travels & America was just its original place of origin.  I have used Caran D’Arche Neocolour II crayons to create the egg on this ‘Specimen No 17’ page.  I created the little specimen tags & labels in MS Illustrator in a sheet form & then printed them out.  I was able to have the luxury of using a real feather as it is for myself & it is not being posted overseas (we have strict quarentine laws about feathers & dirt!) 


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  1. Love the art on this site.. Wow..and wow, again and again.
    FYI, there IS an internet listing for a co. by the name Fencing Materials Inc listed in Chino Valley, Arizona, USA Whether this piece of ephemera originated there I can’t know.
    Be well.

  2. Wow, your pages are exquisite! I’m very impressed with the egg painting that you did in crayons? Amazing!
    Plus I like all your art below too, in other posts. Wow, just wow.
    take care!

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