Every book needs pages


Empty_nest_web_2 Happy_wanderer_web_3 To grow into a book – covers need pages, so here is the first pages of many to come that will be the inside of yesterday’s covers…………inspired by these teeny tiny paper roses, I found this image & it all just came together.  I spritzed the roses with MoonGlow ‘Bucket O’ Blood’ Red – what an amazing name!  the little bird is purposely obscured so that it is a subtle element in the composition.  The background is stamped & worked up with wax crayon.  I am working both the backs & the fronts of these pages, so understandably I had a stray few splodges from the other side.  This doesn’t worry me greatly, I think it just adds to the effect of it all.  The other side of the page is our little ‘Happy Wanderer’ extrapolated out of a ‘migration’ theme – I was looking at some maps of bird migration patterns & it is very fascinating.  Worth a little look here if you have the time or the inclination.

I have 10 pages to make for swaps, & then pages for my own book, so I think you will be seeing more of this size which is 3.5" wide x 3" high (a tiny bit bigger than an ATC).


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