Away with the Birds


Covers_outside_webCoversinsidewebI have neglected my blog recently for art’s sake.  I have been away with the birds creating up a storm!  These are just some of what I have gotten up to.  Here is the inside & the outside of covers for a sweet little bird deco I am creating.   It is the subject of a swap between some of my art friends & I can’t wait to see what everyone else creates – there is so many lovely ‘birdy bits’ around at the moment – my fav. being the Basic Grey Periphery range!  YUM!!  I have called my little deco ‘A Bird in the Hand’ because as you are holding it, you have lots of ‘birds’ in your hand!  I have made the covers from an old vintage book that I attacked with my Dremel. The stamps are from Paper Bag Studio & of course all has a liberal coat of Moon Glow – so it has specks of pearlescent glimmer.  It is not being swapped for ages, so I am hoping to add lots more little pages apart from the ones that are for swapping.

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