A Little Birdie Told Me


A_little_birdie_webThis is one of the UFO’s from my ‘muse drought’ over the last couple of weeks – I think this is the storm before the flood – as now I am in creative furvor that can’t be quelched!  This piece has been made with all sorts of trinkets – the little birdie is wearing a ‘piece’ from a ring – our lady friend has an ornament from an old denim belt that I have coloured up & the eggs in the nest are pretty stones.  I have finished two canvases & I am now looking to finish other things that I started but didn’t seem to be able to bring to any conclusion……I could keep writing – there is lots to share – however – I want to be at art – not on the computer tonight – so you will have to be content with my art now – not my ramblings!  OH except that things are hotting up for a great Art Retreat in May – it’s 107days & counting!!!  ps the colours of this are significantly more vibrant than they appear in the scan……this piece has lost some of it’s life by being reduced for the web.  It is a canvas board 12" wide x 10" high


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