Great & Precious Promises


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It is fitting that the return of my muse would produce something that articulates my faith.  After all, God is the most imaginative, creative being I know – so how could I be surprised!  I am created in His image….I am excited because this morning, for the first time in about a month I felt a compulsion to create – a frenetic sensation that will not be quelched!  Yet, yesterday, when I had the whole day set aside to create – it wasn’t there.  These things are such a mystery – something in early years I sought to understand – but now I just accept as a part of the process.  I AM creative & therefore I create however there are times that I MUST create in order to BE – part of my soul needs to be expressed & released – it is not always necessarily my best work that is created in these times – but it is often work that gives pleasure to my soul P1220278_resizeP1220338_resizeas it’s creation has released a burden.P1220334_resize P1220341_resizeBelow is a full description of the meanings of all of the pieces & components.  Despite the tiny size of my little primative church shaped niche (the opening is about the size of a matchbox) this piece is quite complex.  It is lined with a 7 gypsies paper that is red with random words on it.   I chose this to signify Jesus’ blood, shed for us, for all of us……despite our words, & thoughts & protestations.  The background is Psalm 23 (my fav. one) stamped with a line of 3 trees. (thanks for the stamp J) The three trees represent the 3 crosses on the hill on the day Jesus died, with a larger, paper tiled one in the shape of the cross over the top of the middle one.  There were just ordinary people beside Jesus when he died & He forgave them, then died for them – the Passion of Christ for us….The cross itself is created from tiny tiles of roses & of writing.  One of the names that is given to the Son of God is ‘the Rose of Sharon’ quite literally a word picture painted of the loveliness of Jesus referring to the lush precinct of Lebanon known for it’s beautiful roses.

On top of the cross are two small pieces – one a sheep – representative of me & the second a snippet of the definitiion of TREE – referring back again to the trees stamped – but also it says sending forth branches.  Another of my fav. scriptures is John 15 where Jesus talks to the disciples about Him being the Vine & us the branches….In the top corners of the cross are the saints, gone before us, looking down from heaven, encouraging us in our faith……ALL that & we’re not even outside the little niche yet!!! – I told you it was complex!  If you want to know more…….click below…….I realize this is a little confronting for some – it’s just where my muse took me……….

On the outside – starting at the top is a rather ‘cheeky’ looking bird that represents a dove which often is used to signify the Holy Spirit & the peace He brings.  The vintage glass crystal is representive of the purity of God’s plans & purposes.  No hidden agendas here!!!  The twisted piece of wire on the side with promises on it is a piece of ‘Urban Driftwood’ that I collected last week.  It looks like a ‘staff’, so is a reminder to me of Moses’ staff & how much he struggled with the Chidren of Israel…. & that we now have a new covenant, based on better promises. (ok – the NON Christianese version is something like this – humankind used to have to satisfy a whole tick sheet of requirements represented in the form of The Law in the Old Testament – now, because of the death of Jesus, we are released from the rulebook & are called to bear the fruit of our convictions, demonstrating His love & grace to a needy world)

The key with ‘faith’ written on it symbolises our need to trust & grow in love & faith.  Hanging from the key is an old ‘locket’ I picked up in China made with an old coin.  Folded in the centre of it is a portion of scripture from Matthew 6 – reminding us to beware of the things that we invest value & our life in – that ‘where our treasure is, is where our heart will be.’.  The wire used throughout symbolizes the thorny crown Jesus wore on the cross & the red glass heart (I picked up the last time I was in Italy) with love on it – symbolises the love that has been displayed to us by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.


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  1. Lovely! I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks making art on the theme of Resurrection Sunday, and come across yours, too. How good to know He guides us all to give Him glory. Keep up the great work, Sister. Linda/FleasKneesStudio

  2. Oh, this is wonderful! I love it. What a beautiful testimony of your faith. I am sure your efforts are pleasing in His sight as well. I had not been to your blog for a while and all the new art is awesome. Thank you for sharing. Just knowing that others struggle with their creativity as well helps me get past the bumps in mine.

  3. Oh my goodness, this piece is stunning! Are you selling it? I must say it is beyond refreshing to find another Believer allowing God to work through them in art. My heart rejoices as I know HIS heart rejoices. You did a fantastic job on this piece. Thank you for explaining all of the symbolism in it as well. It is a true testimony.

  4. Oh my Goodness Keron, this is just magnificent!! The thought and detail you have put into this is breathtaking and the result is, as is always in your case, stunning!!! It’s very thought-provoking! Thank You so much for sharing!

  5. this is beautiful Keron. it has a great clarity of meaning for you – it’s easily see-able and understandable for anyone with a Christian background or knowledge. seen in person i doubt if your explanations are even necessary. the sense feeling would be there. that feeling is there even in the images here. this way of working is all you really need. cool. aloha – Wrick

  6. Keron, Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. I am so glad that your muse has returned and am sure the results are no coincidence. I often feel that, as a strong and independent woman, I sometimes forget to be humble and recognize the source of all that I am and capable of doing. Your love of God is reflected in your work but – even more importantly – His love of you! Beckie =)

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