i AM an embellisher!


This was destiny for me – I am now an EMBELLISHER.  I have on, I am one.   Really – everything I do is in my life is embellishing – I embellish houses by decorating them & making them lovely – I embellish papers & journals by altering them – I create embellished paper in collage form……….I embellish life by teaching & sharing in many ways.  It all started when a few people start asking questions about felting & embellishing.  As you would be aware from posts of last year, I adore the work of Annemeike Mien, (google her she is A-MAZ-ing) conversations & questions fly back & forward across the world – inspiring sites & blogs are discovered & before I knew it, I am caught up in a whole new fascintation that is the world of was caught up in the art of embellishing & felting.   It is an extension of a  look that I have always loved.  I used to create it using hand dyed fabrics & threads, but my hands are not comfortable doing long hours of embroidery any more & my eyes also feel the strain.   Here are some of my NEW fav. links
Sara; Dale;


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