Gothic Arch – Guardian Angel


Arch_guardian_angel_webThe Gothic Arch Challenges are back on & I love it already – I have missed my little weekly challenge – OF COURSE the MAIN challenge has been actually doing it within the week, but that’s another story!  LOL!!. (not that I have been able to keep strictly to the schedule – but I have completed all of the topics so far which I am really pleased about)  I think that my finished little Gothic Arch book is actually going to be a ’round’ book – with it’s binding in the middle…….mine is SOOOOOO FAT it won’t behave like a normal book.  This week the topic of the challenge is ‘Your Guardian Angel’…which is special to me.  My text on the back reads: Some days, my brain talks so loud that my heart can’t hear anything else.  I try to remind myself that though I feel like a bewildered little child – alone & confused, that I have angels, sent from my Heavenly Father to watch over me – to guide my way & light my path……………I think that just about sums it up.  The images are from public domain works of art, the paper is left over Christmas bits & the text is rub on’s from 7 gypsies.  I am not sure whether I will post for the next couple of days – we are expecting another heat wave this end….it is hard to think, let alone write or create anything….


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  1. Oh my life!! I am completely blown away!! This was my first visit to your blog and I am stunned – your talent is amazing! Your arches (every one of them!!!) are just fabulous. I have to link here because I want to come back again!

  2. Hi Keron – I just caught up on your last several posts and wow! I love the new look to your blog. Great banner. Great photo too! All of your art continues to inspire me and I love reading your thoughts and snippets of information. Look forward to properly meeting you in just a few more months (we are all going to have FUN!)

  3. I have never been a fan of an arch shape, but you have me converted because yours are so stunning and your arches have inspired such wonderful compositions!! Love angels, they are another favourite of mine, love your sentiments, ditto. Love also ‘little Miss Wallflower’, particularly your colours – the splash of orange is yummy. Keep on arting, you have just about worked me up to another ‘Art day’……L xxxxxxxxx

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