New Year’s Arch


Archnewyear2008web I realize that a week AFTER New Year DOESN’T really qualify to post a New Year’s project, however I started creating this arch before New Year but I just haven’t been able to finish it.  WE have been in the midst of a heat wave here in Oz & it has just been intolerable.  My studio & my study are both un-airconditioned which makes it impossible to spend any time there when it is really hot.  Today is a milder, more pleasant day, but it is just a little respite so that we can sleep & re-adjust our sense of balance before it peaks again over the next couple of days climbing up to 40C (100+F) again by the weekend.  So – to my arch – you may notice that my 2008 banner has a little Eiffel Tower swinging from it – that is because I will be in Paris this year – on the back is a little Colusseum because yes – I am visiting my beloved Italy as well.  The frog in the background is a cut out from Cavallini paper which is just adorable & I have included it because it is a leap year.  the quote reads: ‘I made no New Year resolutions.  The habit of making plans, critisizing, sanctioning & moulding my life is too much of a daily event for me.’  HOW TRUE FOR ME!


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  1. Keron, your new year arches are just beautiful. The colours I LOVE, background fabulous, quote so true, and so meaningful to you. xJ

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