Lots to say with nothing to show for it


The weather in Melbourne has been unbearably hot since just before new year – over 40 for those in celcius & well over 100 for those in F – HOT, HOT, HOT………..I can’t bear to be anywhere much except close to the aircon & we have had our daughter & the Princess staying over ‘cos it is just toooooo hot at their house without airconditioning……..all this has meant limited creating time & what I have been creating is dismal – I even resorted to housework for a change of scenery in an attempt to restore some creativity (though why I thought I might find it in housework is beyond me – although order always clears my head a bit) I have bought myself a new toy though and I am looking forward to creating some special things with it.  It is an embellisher or ‘electric dry felter’ made by Merry Lock.  It is a pretty basic machine that has a circle of burred needles that go up & down.  That’s it – doesn’t have an up & down lever – doesn’t have reverse, no feed dogs – the needles just go up & down.  BUT I have seen amazing pics of what can be done with them – & I just had to have a go.

Leslie from Alpha Stamps has been experimenting with ‘washable’ cloth collage elements & some are on there way to Oz for me to experiment with – add to that a ‘bundle’ of silk & wool from Dale at The Thread Studio & I’m on my way…….so I am waiting (a bit impatiently) for the mail……….

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