Approaching 2008



Well, as 2008 is only a few days away now – so it seemed appropriate that I finish embellishing my diary for the new year.  It has been sitting on my studio table for about 3 weeks now with some paper & imagery being moved around on it like chess pieces each time I come in – something akin to a chess board!  I have used Kaiser, Cosmo Cricket & Sandylion papers & Basic Grey & Delish rub ons.  With the new year approaching, it is time when we often start making resolutions – for some of us that are forgotten as quickly as they are thought of.  I mostly start out with the best of intentions as far as goals go – however I don’t always get there.  I usually start with about 6 or 8 & achieve about 2 or 3 – but I figure that’s things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise – so the process is not a total loss.  I am encouraged by research that shows that even if you write your goals down at the start of the year & don’t look at them again through the year – it is more likely that you will achieve them than if you don’t write them down.  Apparently this is because in writing them down,Pagesepartorweb you go through the process of clarifying what they are & then they are at least in the back of your mind as opportunities come up through the year.  (I have just reviewed my goals from last year & see that I have achieved about half of them, & made progress on some others….urm…….then there are some that have been completely ignored – yes – diet & exercise figure on every list, but are usually overlooked for dessert & art!) So for this year, on a personal level – I want to work at overcoming my inert fear of failure & rejection every time I pick up a drawing implement.  I feel that it limits me over & over in my artwork.  I want to look for ways to integrate little bits of drawing & add a little more ‘random’ to my work.  I don’t know how well I will do at this, the left hand side of my brain SCREAMS for order & congruency & meaning – but it is something that I would like to give some space to.   I am one of those Education Department rejects – that was left handed & forced to become right handed – & ended up all mixed up not knowing what I was…….I am obscessively creative (walking down the street looking for Urban Driftwood – in the form of squashed bottle tops & bits of discarded what not) – but I need to have order in my creativity.  I am incredibly messy – BUT – must be organised – maths & calculus does my head in – yet I can do mental arithmatic as quickly as a calculator…….I can’t read a map very well, but see cities (& shopping centres!) in plan view & haven’t been lost anywhere in the world…sometimes we take the scenic route – but we ARE heading in the right direction! It is said that there is a fine line between genius & insanity – I think that I walk it frequently!! LOL!!

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