Gothic Arch – Angels


Babieschristmas07web Here are my own little Christmas angels – they had such fun with paper and presents & food & well – Christmas! We had a pretty low key time with just our immediate family….but lots of fun for everyone.  Regular readers will recognize Toby from his recent first birthday pics (minus his pirate regalia).  Toby is such an engaging little boy – SO photogenic & always ready with a smile & beautiful cuddles – ‘L’ is a bit more selective with her attentions.  She is almost 18 months old now & yabbers away – contantly trying to figure things out & repeating everything you say.  She is now telling us when her pants need changing – so toilet training is not far away Alittledot– it seems she was only born yesterday!  Poppa is getting himself into some SERIOUS finger trouble – ie she has him wrapped around her littlest one!  LOL!!!  All she just has to do is come up to him & throw her arms in the air & say ‘UP’ with her big eyes pleading & he is all hers – she follows him around saying pa, pa, Pa, Pa, PAH, PAAA-AAAH…….each time escalating in volume & intensity – you see he has a joint problem of reduced hearing & ignoramisitis – he ignores people speaking to him – regularly – then feigns ‘deafness’………anyways – she has cottoned on – she just doesn’t stop til he answers her – it is so funny to watch – this little pint sized Princess with a huge voice, she just refuses to be ignored – she has his number!

ArchsparklywingsbackwebAs promised – here is my 3rd Gothic Arch page for Christmas. The angel image is another slice from a recycled Christmas card, the scriptures (Psalm 89 & 90) is from my old, old bible I use for collage, there are rubons over an acrylic & oil pastel base & the silver stars are from chipboard.  The stamp on the little tag is one of my all time favs. but I can’t find the source of it… is a 3 inch circle & each quarter has a different ornamental design in it.  I will post the other side tomorrow.


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