Boxing Day


ArchsparklywingsfrIt MAY come as a surprise to you, but BOXING Day actually has nothing what so ever to do with the sport of boxing – & traditionally was actually all about BOXES!  In OUR house – Boxing Day is all about Cricket as the ‘Boxing Day Test’ match is always a part of our Christmas….but back to the boxes!  The name originates in the middle ages & was a tradition of ‘boxing up’ the left overs from Christmas Day & distributing them to the poor, & also of boxing up supplies for employees, who generally worked & served on Christmas Day, but were given Boxing Day off for their own celebrations.  This is my Gothic Arch for the topic – Sparkly Wings…….I have created her with oil pastels, pearl paints & sparkly embossing powders.  The ‘bling’ is from my Rosie stash. (any one reading this & wondering – it is a stash of old jewellery I got from a NON art friend – you should be cultivating them too!)


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