Gothic Arch – Christmas


Wisemenweb From my home & loved ones to you & yours – Merry Christmas 2007 – This is the flip side of yesterday’s arch – I have used Cosmo Cricket paper, with a cut out from a recycled christmas card from last year (GASP!!! don’t tell me you throw them out?????) My ‘Wise Man’ has been worked up with coloured waxes including purple, red, antique brown, & rich gold.  The shape of the arch has been exaggerated by the German (or Dresden) scrap which has been rubbed over with black wax.

I have been blessed this year with a collection of large clocks for my ‘international’ wall in honour of all of my online friends!  I have been given 5 all up – so I am quite excited about hanging them as this is something that I have been wanting to do for ages, once these gorgeous ‘provincial’ looking clocks came on the market, it was hard to choose between them, they were all so lovely!  One of them resembles a ‘railway clock’ which I have wanted for about 30 years – gosh that dates me!!!  Another one has a sweet little ‘cast’ bird on it……..I will take more pics in a couple of days.


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