A new look for 2008


Thanks for visiting my blog – this is the new me for 2008 – much hidden imagery you have to look hard to find – AND I can’t get it to sit in the middle just yet  – hopefully I’ll get that sorted soon.  If you look closely in the top right corner you’ll see a column head – to represent my love of architecture – of course the background is green (for those that don’t know – my fav. colour)………..there is a little schematic drawing to hint at my ‘planning & designing’ side, the botanicals are indicative of my love of them  & the traditional style of the painting signifies my love of classic western art…….the primative writing begins…..’I planted a seed, and the seed grew, it runs into each other a bit after that, however, I am a HUGE believer in sowing & reaping & it is also indicative of my art journey..so as I said to begin with – lots of hidden meanings….oh & two things you may overlook – there is a little ‘White’ Rabbit announcing me & my all time fav. Basic Grey Motifica Jade Patterned paper as an underlay……..it is still a little raw – I may still tweak it a little – now my blog doesn’t look QUITE so naked – all in white with no header!


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  1. Dear Guru,
    LOVE the new look, but LOVE the Christmas arches the best. Wish I had have seen them earlier, but no computer at Safety Beach. Will put them on my Christmas wish list for next year…LOL! EVERYONE needs to know that I am the most grateful recipient of ‘the message in a bottle’ given with love from a very special friend…can’t take my eyes off it…thanks Kes. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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