Q for The Queen of Sheba


QueenofshebawebLeaving my ‘Unwrappers’ behind for the moment – I have completed my Skinny Book Page for this week. I have been dragging my tail with this week’s challenge – mainly because I couldn’t find a suitable graphic for my ‘Queen of Sheba’.  The Queen of Sheba is thought to be of Persian or Ethiopian origin & every image I found that was regal looking – was very western looking.  Even the one I have finally settled on (despite having Middle-Eastern looking clothing) has Western facial features…she is from a Christmas card & I have some jewels & earring peices also attached.  The challenge I set was to use ornament from some period/style in your page for the letter Q.  Mine was built from a tiny thumbnail that included only ONE little flower motif with the trellis around it about 1" square.  I have duplicated it in Photoshop over & over again to create an A4 page to make my Skinny Book Pages from.  I have then taken to it with a knife, then worked black wax crayon into the scratches.  I wanted it to have an ancient, worn look about it.  I scratched it up some more & scraped back some of the black, then worked Verdigris wax in.   Although the page looks simple, there is alot of work in it that you just don’t see, I am happy with the result.


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