7 Interesting Things About Me – aka Tag Your IT!


Tag I have been tagged by the lovely Wendy & need to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.  Whenever faced with that prospect I never quite know what part of my story I should include & which parts are really too much infomation….being a teacher & a life long learner – I am always wanting to be understood – I have been in groups many times in my life where you go around & introduce yourself I always sit there feeling very awkward not knowing quite what to say.  I can tell you ordinary things like how much I love old architecture, hate long aeroplane flights, am obsessive about learning & teaching (I have done 2 diplomas & a degree as an adult) am an interior designer, I am married, have 3 grown children & 2 grandbabies – but INTERESTING THINGS????

Ummmmm……….I have a need for speed  & LOVE hotrods & the sound of a Harley Davidson Motorbike with heavy exhaust……..A huge life regret is that there is no Series 8 of The West Wing! ……….a childhood comfort food is fluffy white bread, cold butter (iced on), with slices of sunwarmed homegrown tomato & a tiny shaving of rock salt.  It takes me to my grandmother’s red laminate kitchen table in a heartbeat.

That’s 3 – now let me think some more – oh, I have an obsessive fascination for little drawers! (I CAN’T go past them – which doesn’t make sense at all because I am a really practical interior designer & let’s face it – not much fits in little drawers – but I can’t help myself – I wonder if there are pills for ‘Small Draweritis’?). I have a reasonable singing voice & played in amateur theatre when I was younger.  I have a good throwing arm & played competition softball up until about 10 years ago.  I struggle with lefts & rights oh – AND Government according to Keron would legislate Friday as CAKE DAY!

There – I am sure nothing there is earth shattering – but some snippets of my life.  Now – the fun bit – I get to tag 7 others……….

they would be:
Kelsey – now EVERYTHING about HER is interesting!




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