Mr Bah Humbug


Mr_bah_humbug_web Here is your quintesential Mr Scrooge!  In fact, his name is Mr Bah Humbug!  A self made man, a captian of industry he never takes time off or wastes money on frivolities like Christmas = what a waste!

Today’s trivia is all about the puddings – apparently it is a British Christmas tradition that a wish made during the mixing of the pudding will only come true only if the ingredients are stirred in a clockwise direction.  Bah Humbug I say!!!

Speaking of Christmas Pud – here is one of our family’s fav. Christmas recipe.  I have made them for years…. & now our children are carrying on the tradition.  These can be made well ahead of time & keep beautifully between layers of tin foil in a sealed container in the fridge.  They are lovely wrapped in clear celophane with hand made tags on them, I haven’t done mine for this year yet – but I hope to have them done in the next few days, so I will probably come back & add a pic in here & ammend the post.

(makes about 50 – which sounds alot – but they disappear in a wink!)

1 x good quality 8” Christmas cake Brandy/orange juice/madeira/dessert wine to moisten (about 1/2 cup)
A light sprinkle of mixed spice
White chocolate for melting
Green & Red real glace cherries

Add all of the ingredients in a bowl. Cover with clear wrap & leave in the fridge overnight.  The next day, chop up glace cherries onto a plate.  Then roll out cake mixture into little balls & place on a cooling rack.  Melt some chocolate & working quickly, drizzle chocolate on the top & place a some cherry in the melty chocolate.  Cool on the tray, then pack in containers to store.   


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  1. my mom used to make us fruit cake that when sliced it looked like stained glass. Chucked full of pecans and dates, and candied pineapple and red and green cherries. It’s the only fruit cake I like, and although it’s not plum pudding, your talk of the plum pudding put me in mind of it!!!

  2. Dear Kes, would you be so generous as to tuck this series in my Christmas stocking along with all the other requests?!! I love them, I just LOVE them……xxxxxxx

  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us all – great pics, recipe sounds yummy too! If only I had the time to do some real hand-made treats… take care and thanks again.

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