Miss My Heart Is Elsewhere


Missmyheartiselsewhere Have you ever had a guest at your home for Christmas celebrations who really just does not want to be there – despite your best efforts to be hospitable?   One of our guests this Christmas is Miss My Heart is Elsewhere.  She is pining her home & her betrothed Mr Heartmore!  It is eighteen months since she saw him as his business takes him in merchant ships across the continents.  Miss My Heart Is Elsewhere is keeping herself busy reading the works of Mr Shakespeare & wonders at the words of the Sonnets & Soliloquies…..

She read…..hang there, my verse, in witness of my love, And thou, thrice crowned queen of the night, survey.  With thy chaste eye, from thy pale.…..surely she puzzled, Mr Shakespeare had a window into her own heart………….

Glass_ornamentsToday’s trivia is the story of Christmas decorations.  Christmas tree decorations were originally made from paper, apples, biscuits & sweets.  They were made each year & were offered from the tree to be eaten with guests.   The earliest commercial decorations are thought to have come from Nuremburg in Germany, a city that was famous for the manufacture of toys.  Lauscha (also in Germany) is famous for it’s glass ornaments.  In 1889 FW Woolworth went there & bought a few glass Christmas Tree Ornaments.  He sold out of them within a day & the next year he bought substantially more.  He sold those in just a week.  The third year he bought 200,000 all of which were sold.  As supplies from Lauscha ceased at the onset of the First World War, American Manufacturers started to produce their own ornaments.  They developed new techniques that allowed them to turn out as many ornaments in a minute that could be made in a day in Lauscha.  I found these ones listed on ebay here.

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  1. wonderful as always . . . and oh, those ornaments bring back so many Christmas memories . . . real trees, with the BIG light bulbs, not those little ones that are used on our fake tree . . . the delicate Christmas ornaments (my mom gave me one when I put up my first very own Christmas tree) . . . we also had, but I’ve not much luck finding them . . . birds that clipped onto the tree . . .
    Anyway, I’m rambling . . . beautiful art from a beautiful person :*) :*)
    Holiday Cheer,

  2. Keron, I’ve been catching up on your blog and always enjoy what you have to share. Love your series of Christmas unwrappers!!! And all the Christmas trivia is very interesting.

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