Miss Just Can’t Wait


Missjustcantwaitweb_2Meet little Miss Just Can’t Wait.  She has snuck off from the village picnic under the guise of bringing her ailing grandmother some apples.  The real reason she has whisked away is to give the presents under the tree at home a little shake to see whether she can discover what they are. You can tell by her mischievious smile that she is following in the footsteps of her Aunt – Ms Sneak A Peek!  I have used the artwork of Carl Larson to create this digital canvas & of course it is set on a scan of painted canvas with Basic Grey Aged & Confused (I know the feeling!), Phresh & Phunky, Philordilee paper.  The rest of the work is created using Adobe Photoshop.

Image:Adoracao dos magos de Vicente Gil.jpgToday’s Christmas Trivia is the story of Frankincense.  It is a sweet smelling gum resin from a particular tree that grew in Arabia, India & Ethiopia at the time of Jesus’ birth.  It was presented to Mary & Joseph as a gift by Balthasar, the black king from Ethiopa or Saba.  The frankincense trade was at its height during the days of the Roman Empire.  At that time this resin was considered as valuable as gems or precious metals & helped to provide for Jesus’ as He & His family fled to Egypt to escape from the murderous Herrod.  The Romans burned frankincense on their altars & at cremations.

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  1. oh my! I have been missing out~ I am so in love with your blog~ your art~ I saw your work this morning at Collage Cats~ what an inspiration you are!
    p.s. never new the facts about frankincense~thanx 4 sharing~

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