Mrs I’m In No Hurry


Missicanwaitweb In one of my on line groups there has been some really funny discussion about the way our family & partners react to unwrapping presents & whether it is ‘safe’ to put them under the tree – this has sent me off on a tangent & I have created several of these mythical people, each one displaying their various virtues & vices.  I’d like to introduce you to Mrs I’m In No Hurry.  You will notice her angelic (butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth) wings; her perfect child dressed in white in the background & demonstrations of her piety as well.  This piece is a combination of physical painting & Photoshop & I had lots of fun with it.  I would really appreciate your comments & suggestions for other characters – so far I have
Rev. I Wouldn’t Even Think Of It
Miss I Couldn’t Care Less
Misses Savouring the Anticipation AND
Miss Just Can’t Wait


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  1. Hi Keron,
    Mrs. I’m in No Hurry is fabulous! What a proper lady she is!
    Miss I Couldn’t Care Less should be an aloof teenager don’t you think?
    What fun! I love catching up on your do such a great job with it.

  2. Oh she’s fabulous!!!! can’t wait to see the whole series way fun!! yes we all have “one of those” in each family!!! ours was “what another tie????” or “where is mom hiding the gifts now”???!!!! we had the peek and rewrap in our home!!! hehehe!! Hugs Linda

  3. This piece really takes mixed media to a high level. Great work! Most of my family are descended from Mr. Just Give Me Money! Janene

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