Ornamental Christmas


Ornamental_christmas Don’t you just LOVE sumptous ribbons????  This ribbon is edible – I mean, it’s delicious – it is about 1.5" wide, in a muted murky yellow green (yum!) with wired edges……..you can’t tell that at all from the pics because they were taken at night time & despite some correcting in Photoshop, this photo is very warm toned.  (YES – electricians are booked for THIS week to give me more lighting in my studio!)  The gorgeous crystal bell shape is recycled & once lived life as something else (I bought it as is, so I am not sure what it was) It is about 7" high from top to bottom & was actually a bit awkward to hold.  I created this ornament to send to a secret Robin_red_breast_2_2destination overseas to an art friend.  A group of us have a ‘Secret Santa’ thing happening & this is my contribution.  It will only be secret until it gets there because with all of the Australian custom id & declaration requirements – it won’t be much of a secret really.  I have used images from Alpha Stamps vintage christmas collage sheets for the Santa & the little twist charm.  I used a gel transfer method to put the Santa in reverse on the crystal, then used my fav. festive rub ons from Basic Grey on the front & the sides.  The piece was made to look like a Victorian piece you may see hanging on a wall or a door. Ornamental_detail_2  I have used lovely tinkly little gold bells, artificial foliage & my little ‘Twist Charms’ to decorate the top of the crystal.  A little piece of Victorian trivia for you (thanks Lynne)….Postmen in Victorian England were called ‘robins’.  That name evolved because their original role was to deliver royal dispatches & there uniforms were red to denote this Robin_red_breast_3 (red was considered a royal tone!)  The colour came to be associated with postage & this is why letter boxes are red.  Vintage Christmas greetings often showed a robin delivering the mail.


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