V is for Vowels


Vforvowelsweb This week’s Skinny Alphabet Book Challenge is to create an ‘Aged’ effect to plain white paper/cardboard.  To me aged usually either means brown & tattered or rusty….. & I don’t honestly think that this is my best example of ‘aged’ paper – it became a little too muddy & I lost the impact of some of my background stamping when I blotted off the Walnut Ink that sprayed spuriously from the ineffective bottle it comes in.  I usually start by painting the page with Gesso (Gesso is the Italian word for Chalk) Gesso gives a nice chalky texture for other materials to ‘bed’ into.  I usually give it a thin coat, however you can build it up with some texture paste & then rub over it & this can come out really nice too.  Then I use inks, crayons, stamppads, dirt, coffee, tea, chalk – lots of things to create an aged & distressed look.  So as not to make this too long a post, this link will take you to one of my blog pages (Goodies from The ‘Guru – listed in the sidebar) to more info on aging paper & materials in general.  This is for personal use, not to be republished or reproduced in any way, shape or form.


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  1. This is gorgeous Keron! I am gonna reed you’re post on aging paper very carefully. Thanks for sharing. This is so funny, I write this to you on sunday and you have already monday!

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