Oh Happy Day


Toby_caleb_turns_1web I have BLINKED – an a whole year of my life has gone by!!!  Today we celebrated Toby Caleb’s first birthday (which was actually yesterday) with a swash buckling pirate party complete with ‘sailor dancing’, plenty of eye patches, tattoos & of course the regular GRRRHHHH, as people passed each other!  Here he is (complete with his pirate sword!) pictured with proud Dad (our son) & Mum.  I have been prompted in the last little while to revisit my Ephemeral Moments Journal, as I daily see little things happen that make me realize how quickly time is passing.  And the little things that are happening along the way have to be somehow captured.  They are whisps of life – moments – and they are gone & forgotten so quickly……….I am the Observer of Life – the Keeper of Memories in our family…I cannot forget.

Whisps of Life

JOY only eludes us when we look for it in hours rather than moments. 

PEACE settles when you are still.  In a rush you don’t notice the brush of angel’s wings & the heartbeat of tranquility.  

HOPE can always be found in the things that endure the weathering of time.  

BEAUTY glows from a life that exudes the wealth gained from both mossy & shiny places – treasure nurtured in shadow & in sunlight.  

LOVE arrives, when you least expect it & strokes your soul with tenderness.

(c) Keron Lee 2007.


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  1. Love your “whisps of life” quotes, your grandson is so lovely, and the pirate theme made me smile cos my husband has a pirate on his family tree, one who gave Blackbeard his first galley! Benjamin Hornigold is his name and he ended up a goodie after taking the Kings Pardon. so pirate things make me smile x

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