D for Dance – Marbling with Shaving Cream


Dfordanceweb Img_4571_resizeThis week’s Skinny Alphabet Book challenge is using shaving cream as a background. (I already feel your sides starting to lurch with a chuckle)…. NO…. it’s true – we are using PLAIN ORDINARY SHAVING CREAM to create your page background – it even makes your page smell nice!!!  I have found this works best on shiny card, however a different type of card will just produce a different look.  OR if you prefer to have a go & not work straight into your book – you can make it on photo paper & stick it in wehn it is dry.  FIRST shake the can of shaving cream vigorously so that it is really foamy when you spray it out.  Here’s the steps – Squeeze standard variety shaving cream onto a piece of kitchen foil.  Create a ‘block’ of shaving cream a little bit bigger than your page.  You don’t have to make it thick, just enough to press your page into.  Quickly pass a big knife across it to fill in any gaps in your ‘bed’ of shaving cream.  Then drop alcohol ink randomly over the shaving cream.(re-inkers MAY work – I just haven’t tried them)   Swirl it around a little using a paintbrush handle or a paddle stick, so that it is marbled.  (this is the scary bit)  THEN – smoosh your page into it.  JUST smoosh & lift, don’t leave it sitting there.  After you have lifted it out, use a scrap of card or a bone folder, (or Img_4576_resizesomething Img_4581_resize_resizesmooth but not Img_4585_resize_resizesharp) to scrape of the excess cream.  You can use what’s scraped off to ‘fill in the blanks’ if you like, however, it will be a bit different that the original – it will be a bit softer.   As I am incorporating the score from My musical theme – My Fair Lady – I also scraped it over a lazer copy of the words I was using for this page.  Because I was scraping the ‘mixed’ foam, it didn’t have the same initial marbled effect, but was in the same tones to blend into my page.  VOILA – your page is ready to decorate.  As I wanted a dreamy, floaty look of Eliza dreamily dancing around the house, I have used lots of ‘half’ & soft stamping where I only get parts of the image.  The cut outs have all been done on a Cricut machine.   The in-studio pics are in order to show you my progress.  Oh & heads up – it is slippery to stamp onto, so stamp & lift, otherwise it will smudge (not that that can’t be camoflagued!!!  – Look closely at my swirls!  LOL!!!)  Here’s the video clip if you’d like to see it



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  1. Thank you for introducing me to this new technique I have never seen it before, your page has turned out brilliantly, the layout the background, the complete picture is divine.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Keron, I love this technique…it is one of my favorites for backgrounds. Here are a couple of things I do….
    Use any reinkers (I like dye reinkers best as they don’t evaporate fast and are easily blended for different looks). You can even do this with acrylic paint or food coloring in a pinch!
    Use a jelly roll pan instead lined with foil as it is then easier to take a rubber scraper and fold the ink that has settled to the bottom back to the top for more pages.
    Use a clean rubber scraper (like for cooking) to remove the foam…it does a great job and doesn’t get “soft” with repeated use like a cardboard does.
    Glossy paper will give a more crip look but any paper will work. Don’t be afraid to marble over your scrapbook papers for a different look. If you are like me you buy those “Slabs” of paper and there are always some that just aren’t me. If you marble them it gives them a whole new look.
    Have fun everyone, try lots of odd color combos and amaze yourself. I do this with my grandkids and they have made some awesome papers using combos I would not have considered.

  3. An oldie but a goodie technique Keron…really suits your page and I subscribe to the “no such thing as a mistake – everything can be covered” ethos too! lol

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