Christmas Stars


Stars1  Stars3 Stars4   Stars5Stars6Stars2                                                                                              

I cannot believe how we are ‘galloping’ toward Christmas.  For us this year, it is a different kind of deadline – we are starting a major renovation to Professional Suites on 22nd December & have to be finished by 17th January – so apart from the main days – our team will be working right through.  Our Christmas celebrations will be very quiet in some respects, however, we will have the joy of our Little Princess (grandbaby) overnight on Christmas Eve, to wake up Christmas morning, so that will be fun.  Other than that there will just be us 2 & our older daughter.  On Boxing Day we will have the extended family ‘do’……..that will be a busy day.  I have been working on finishing some little gifts that can be used as tree decorations or to tie onto a cabinet or door.  I used the Kaiser chipboard cutouts, painted them, sanded them, then embellished them with gorgeous paper & imagery.  They are hung by long crushed velvet ribbons.


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  1. Dear Kes, absolutely LOVE the Christmas star tags!! Hope one of those is for ME LOL!!! Such beautiful work. Love the girl with the mirror also, and all the shiny bling inside…

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