More Christmas


Bottle_top_charms_web Bottle_top_charms_twist_webThese little charms are made from Alpha Stamps punch out sheets that have all kinds of gorgeous Christmas vignettes on them.  FIRST – using my ‘secret drill’ (for those that don’t know the story – I have bought myself a drill that I hide from my DH so he doesn’t ‘snaffle’ it) I drilled a tiny hole in the rim of the bottle top, & fed a wire through the hole.  Then I stuck down the image & decorated them with some glittery stars & some small words, but you could use anything that doesn’t obscure the image too much.  Then fill with clear or sepia Dimensional Magic & set aside to dry.  The ones on a plain wire I plan to twist onto wine glasses, christmas tags & serviette rings.  The others that I threaded things on will hang from the tree.

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  1. Keron your bottle top decorations are beautiful, they will look lovely on your table and tree at Christmas. Love Jenene
    P.S. Hope Duke is improving quickly

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