Back on the Pears!


Christmas07pearwebThis is my first Christmas post this year……..a couple of days earlier than I planned.  I USED to be SO good & have my tree up, house decorated & cards out on 1st December.  (I had finished present shopping in October!)  Only a couple of days to go ’til the 1st & I only wrote my first card today – I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping & I am really dragging my feet trying to get things sorted.  Every now & then I revisit my watercoloured pears & this is my latest one – created for a Christmas give away in my Paper Traders Yahoo Group.  It is made from a combination of scrapbooking paper background & the pear is painted on 680 gsm Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper (IS there any other sort?????  I love it!)  I drew the shape first with my PITT markers, then stamped & coloured it with watercolours.   As always we will buy gifts for those who are doing it tough this year & I would encourage you to do the same – SPREAD THE LOVE PEOPLES!

(oh – ps. anyone that is interested in finding out more about Paper Traders – there is a link in the side bar)


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